Any damage to your vehicle is an inconvenience. When that damage is due to an accident that is not your fault, it can be much worse. Your car may be undriveable, or may need to be of the road for weeks being repaired. Although you have insurance, why should you claim on your policy? If you do, you will find you will be asked to pay your policy excess and often will be expected to take your car to your insurers preferred repairer, which might not be the best for your marque. Legally you are entitled to hire yourself a vehicle of a similar standard to the one you were driving, while yours is of the road, if you need to do so. This constitutes a significant outlay, however, with no guarantees that you will be able to re-claim the costs.

Medex Accident Assistance offers a Prestige Service, which allows you to access your legal rights, with no financial risk. We operate within the ABI general Terms of Agreement for Credit Hire to provide you with a marque for marque (or equivalent) replacement vehicle while yours is off the road. We effectively “hire” you the vehicle, but pass the bill to the insurer of the driver-at-fault.

Our service also allows you to select your preferred repairer or dealership, and we will either fund your repair or if you would prefer to claim on your own policy, we will fund your excess payment. No membership is required for service.