Why make an accident compensation claim?

Most people that contact us are reluctant participants. Few individuals actually wish to throw themselves into a compensation claim.

So why do it?

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of the negligence of another (whether this be an individual or an organisation / business) then you have the right to make an accident claim.

That’s the first point to make. There are limitations and you only have a certain period to make your claim. However if you have suffered harm then you have a fundamental right to claim damages in certain circumstances.

The damages are based on the extent of the personal injury suffered and of course on consequential items such as earnings and other out of pocket expenses.

You can also receive much needed physiotherapy, medication, services (such as gardening / DIY costs etc) and much more. By receiving damages for these items you are aiding your recovery and easing any financial burdens that your injuries may have brought upon you.

The process involved in making a compensation claim can be complex but with our competent advisors, your needs are well catered for.

Our solicitors talk to you in detail about the process providing constant advice and assistance throughout your claim.

If you have a genuine compensation claim then you have nothing to be wary of in pursuing rightful damages. There are legal complexities but the accident claims scheme that we offer, simplifies matters and protects your needs fully.